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I have made a few modifications to the website this evening to allow for an improved user experience and to aid in better site navigation. I have also made some updates to some of the website pages, such as the services page and the photo gallery.

The most noticeable modification to the website is the removal of a stylised font to the page titles, which proved difficult to read and was exasperated within the News section where the font size was considerably smaller. It is now much more easier on the eyes to view the news article titles. I have also removed the floating privacy and cookie policy link at the bottom right of the page, which appears after you have accepted the standard warning about the use of cookies on this website. I have found it to get in the way sometimes and distract users from viewing the website content. There is also a link to the privacy and cookie policy at the bottom of every page (within the footer), so I figured there was no need to have two links to the same page. Therefore if you would like to view the website’s policy at any time (if you have the inclination) you’ll still find the link in the footer along with my T&C’s. [Important pages when you need to hide this website from the boss 😛 ]

Swiftly moving on, to improve navigation within the website I have now added a floating ‘top of page’ button so that you can quickly get back to the top of the page and access the navigation menu. This saves you the hassle of having to scroll all the way back up the page again after spending all that time scrolling down. This was especially infuriating when using a mobile phone or tablet!

The photo gallery has been updated with some of my latest work that I’ve had in the workshop. I won’t discuss this in any detail here as I’ll probably be posting an update during this week.
However one final item I have to mention is that the services page has been changed a little by the addition of some items that I hadn’t put on when I first launched this website a few months ago (I know, slacking along! But it slipped my mind lol). These items reflect what has always been on my price list, but I had neglected to explain on this page what it was that I was offering.
So I have added a few more photo’s and tried to sell you explained about my prototypical and directional lighting installation service, and to showcase the figures that I use as part of my cab detailing service. Just for fun I have also added a photo of a very much blown decoder under the decoder diagnostics section, although it’s not hard to see why the decoder doesn’t work, finding the root cause may prevent a replacement being blown too and watching your model smoke away like it’s just been fitted with a smoke generator!

So to wrap up this short update, I would like to announce that I will soon be offering a weathering service as part of my bespoke DCC conversion services. Please keep an eye on this news section or my facebook page for any more updates.

Well thank you all for spending the time reading this update. I originally intended for it to be quite short, but at least it gives you an opportunity to test my new ‘top of page’ button!

Ciao for now 😉

Mark Johns