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Who will be joining in with the stay at home street party, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day? I remember the 50th anniversary, that certainly shows my age!

The current COVID-19 situation means that the majority of planned events and celebrations for this weekend 8th – 10th May 2020 have been cancelled or postponed. However it is for the greater good that the public should be kept safe and healthy during these extraordinary times.

That said, you could take part in your own celebrations quite safely from your own home. For example, you could spend some time with your children and make some fantastic bunting to place around your garden fence or display in one of your windows facing the street. Or perhaps to drape over your model railway layout, you could even go as far as putting on your own special train service…

The Royal British Legion are calling upon people across the UK to join in a moment of reflection and Remembrance at 11:00 on Friday, the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, and pause for a two minute silence. I hope that we will all support this aspect of VE Day from the safety of our homes too.

Solo buglers, trumpeters & cornet players have been encouraged to play ‘The Last Post’ at 14:55 from the safety of their homes, along with Pipers undertaking ‘Battle’s O’er’ and ‘VE 75 Years’ at 15:00 local time in the country they are in. As well as Town Criers, Crying out for Peace at 18:55 in a similar way too. I’m sure that will be an unforgettable sight, if you happen upon a Town Crier in the middle of a quiet town or city street during your 1 hour daily exercise session.

With the Pipers playing ‘Battle’s O’er’, and the recorded speech by Prime Minister Churchill being broadcast by the BBC into our homes at 15:00 on Friday, we are being encouraged to stand at 15:00 within the safety of our living rooms, front or back gardens, man cave, railway room, garage bar, or even outside our front doors or balconies, and undertake the Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW II, using these following words. “TO THOSE WHO GAVE SO MUCH, WE THANK YOU” taking this unique opportunity in our life to pay tribute to the many millions that gave so much to ensure we can all enjoy the freedom we share today.

So, from the team at Mark’s Trains we’d like to say the following; TO THOSE WHO GAVE SO MUCH, WE THANK YOU!

Mark Johns