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UK DCC sound projects for ESU LokSound v4 & 5 decoders


Select your desired sound project and soundscape, then enter your decoder serial number in the text box below before adding to cart. Upon order completion your locked project file to your specific sound decoder will be emailed directly to you within 24hrs (usually the same day).

Please read the full description further down for instructions on how to find your decoder serial number. Please note you will need an ESU LokProgrammer with the latest software version to load these projects on to the LokSound v4 & v5 family of decoders.


This is a digital download service for UK DCC sound projects for the ESU LokSound v4 & v5 decoder family. Your locked sound project (locked to your decoder serial number) will be emailed to you so that you can load your own decoder using the ESU LokProgrammer.

When purchasing simply choose your desired sound project and soundscape, then enter your 8 digit decoder serial number of the LokSound decoder you intend to use the project on, in the text box provided before adding to the cart. Upon order completion your locked project file to your specific sound decoder will be emailed directly to you within 24hrs (usually the same day), ready to load yourself without the inconvenience of waiting for postal deliveries.

The project is locked against the serial number of your decoder so it cannot be used on a different one. The project is however yours to keep and can be uploaded as many times as required, or if you wish to use the decoder in a different loco you could purchase another project against the same decoder serial number.

All of these projects can be uploaded to your ESU LokSound v4, v4 Micro, v4 L, v4 XL, v5, v5 Micro, v5 L & v5 XL decoders via your LokProgrammer. You must have access to an ESU LokProgrammer in order to upload the file to your decoder. Please note also that your LokProgrammer software should always be kept up to date as this and the projects are both regularly revised and improved. You need to have the latest software version at all times.

The serial number of your decoder can be found by following these simple instructions below.

Plug your decoder in to the decoder test board which should be connected to the LokProgrammer, ensuring a connection is made between your LokProgrammer and with your computer follow these three simple steps:

Open LokProgrammer and from the tool menu select Programmer, followed by Extended decoder information from the drop down menu as can be seen from the image below.

A blank dialogue box will now show. To populate this dialogue box with your decoder information click the Read decoder button as seen below. Your decoder is then read which will take less than 30 seconds. Under the heading SerNo: you will see your decoder’s serial number (highlighted with a red box in the image below). Make a note of this number and type it in to the decoder serial number text field on this page before ordering. That’s it! A quick and simple operation.

Once you have received your sound project file via email, upon opening within LokProgrammer you will be presented with a warning that the project is protected and can only be used on the decoder with the serial number stated (in this case FFBF6F3D) as can be seen in the image below. This image has been included as it is worth pointing out that should you not remember which project file is associated with your sound decoder, this will highlight the serial number the project has been locked to.

To learn more about MarWick Soundscape with RealDrive and listen to samples of the different soundscape options please read this article.

Additional information

Decoder Type

V5, V5 DCC, V5 MKL, V5 Micro, V5 Micro Kato, V5 Micro DCC, V5 Micro DCC Direct, V5 Micro DCC Direct Atlas Legacy, V5 Nano, V5 Nano DCC, V5 L, V5 L DCC, V5 XL, V5 Fx, V5 Fx DCC

Sound Project

AC Cars Railbus, BR 3MT, BR 4MT, BR 5MT, BR 7MT, Class 03, Class 04, Class 07, Class 08, Class 101, Class 105, Class 107, Class 108, Class 121, Class 122, Class 128 DPU, Class 17, Class 20, Class 22, Class 24, Class 25, Class 26, Class 27, Class 31, Class 33, Class 35, Class 37, Class 40, Class 42, Class 43 HST MTU, Class 43 HST Paxman, Class 43 Warship, Class 45, Class 47, Class 50, Class 52, Class 55, Class 57, Class 66, Class 67, Class 71, Class 73 Cummins, Class 73 English Electric, Class 73 MTU, Class 74, Class D16-1, Derby DMU, GWR 4073 Castle, GWR 45xx Prairie, GWR 49xx Hall, GWR 57xx Pannier, HS4000 Kestrel, LMS 3F Jinty, LMS Patriot, LMS Princess Coronation, LMS Royal Scot, LNER Thompson B1, LNER Thompson L1, Met BoBo, SR Battle of Britain, SR West Country




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