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Class 107 DMU Soundscape with RealDrive


Class 107 DMU Soundscape with RealDrive project.

These projects are available on Loksound V4, Loksound V4 Micro and Loksound V4 XL. To order simply choose your decoder & interface type and select a soundscape option.

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Class 107 Diesel Multiple Unit Soundscape with RealDrive diesel project.

This project has been upgraded to RealDrive.

This project is available on the Loksound V4, Loksound V4 Micro and Loksound V4 XL. To order simply choose your decoder & interface type and select a soundscape option. ESU decoders are supplied with a hard wired standard speaker, to upgrade to one of our premium quality 3D printed speakers view our range of speakers from the link within the useful information tab to the right.

A video demonstration of the sound project in action is available from the useful information tab opposite, clicking on the link will open the YouTube video in another window/tab.

Soundscape with RealDrive raises the bar to a level higher than previously available in Loksound technology. These sound projects have been developed jointly by Mark’s Trains and Wickness Models in great detail to be more throttle and volume responsive, through the range of 128 speed steps than other currently available sound projects, and with RealDrive features to give the user a much more prototypical user experience; putting the user in the driving seat.

These projects have been developed to be used on any DCC system although we do not recommend Hornby Select or Bachmann EZ Command due to limited function options.

So what is Soundscape then?

Soundscape is set of ambient sounds on a given theme additional to the standard running sounds (engine, horns, compressor etc.). The soundscape runs on an available function within the project just like any other function such as a horn. This is exclusive to Wickness Models and Mark’s Trains sound projects on LokSound V4 decoders.

Soundscape can be activated during running or while motionless to provide additional background noises based on the theme of your layout. For example, you might choose Londonscape or Airportscape for a city centre layout, or Farmscape or Hedgerow for a rural one.

What does RealDrive do?

RealDrive fully utilises the advanced functions and logical programming available to the LokSound V4 decoder family, giving the user a prototypical and immersive experience. It’s like driving a real train – to an extent!

To learn more about MarWick Soundscape with RealDrive sound projects, and to see other projects available click the learn more link inside the useful information tab.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 150 × 135 × 20 mm
Decoder & Interface

LokSound micro v4 6-pin (NEM651) wired harness, LokSound micro v4 Next-18, LokSound v4 21-pin (NEM660), LokSound v4 8-pin (NEM652) wired harness, LokSound v4 XL with screw terminals


Airport, Christmas, Diesel Depot, Farmscape, Grand Station, Hedgerow, Hogwarts Express, London, Market Street, Seascape, Urban Station


Mark's Trains, MarWick


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