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Servicing and repairs

Servicing helps to improve the running performance, reliability and longevity of your models. Poor maintenance can lead to many problems over time. Periodic light lubrication is recommended for almost every model, however over long periods, problems start to occur such as poor reliability and performance due to the build up of dirt attracted by oil, poor electrical conductivity of pick-ups, and split gears. Brushes and motor commutators become heavily contaminated by oil and carbon deposits reducing the power output from the motor. For DCC and Sound converted models these issues are more pronounced, therefore maintenance is essential.

My services involve stripping motors down (unless they’re sealed can motors) and cleaning all electrical contacts, brushes and commutators. Brushes are replaced if they require replacement. This is followed by the removal of the drive and gear train to clean off any accumulated dirt and inspect for wear and cracks, before reassembly with light lubrication. The bogies and all pick-ups and electrical contacts are cleaned before running the motor and drive chain to check for correct operation. The wheels are then cleaned and any surplus lubrication removed before testing on a rolling road. The motor is then run-in in both directions on a rolling road, which also helps to bed in any new brushes installed.

General mechanical and electrical repairs can also be undertaken, subject to the availability of parts. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote, an inspection may be required before an estimate on repairs can be given. Just click on the ‘Book now’ button below to contact me with your requirements, or to discuss any problems you may be experiencing.