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Cab and interior detailing

DCC Conversions

Cab and interior detailing can add a further element of realism to your models and can be undertaken as part of a conversion or on it’s own. Cab lighting can be installed with train crew on diesel locomotives and multiple units, and steam locomotives can be fitted with a flickering firebox with driver and second-man/fireman.

Interior lighting and the placement of passengers inside multiple units and coaching stock can also be undertaken with this bespoke interior detailing service to your exacting requirements. Function decoders can be installed inside coaching stock so that lights can be controlled by the user, instead of constant illumination via the DCC track supply.

This detailing service is subject to space requirements and the specification of the existing decoder installed (number of function outputs available). It can be undertaken as part of a DCC or Sound commission, or undertaken as a stand alone service. To book cab and interior detailing and to discuss your requirements click on the ‘Book now’ button below.


The prices in the table below provide a rough guideline, accurate prices will be given when booking this service. Please note these prices do not include the price of a decoder and/or parts used, this is charged separately and according to choice.

Cab/Interior detailing £30.00

Cab/Interior detailing £24.00

Cab/Interior detailing £30.00