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I have some very exciting news for you all, I have just finished a new design to my website and I’ve also launched a new online shop. My current product range consists of Zimo DCC decoders, but as time progresses the product range will expand.

The new website design is hoped to give a professional and fresh feeling with a better user interface, but still able to purvey my brand. Instead of previously having to hunt around the website to view the services that I offer, this is now showcased on the main home page with further details available on separate pages linked from the home page. The prices have also moved away from a single page and split across the relevant pages; for example, the sound conversion prices are now on the sound conversion page. This will hopefully make all information available in one place, but please bear in mind the prices listed on this website are a rough guideline only, and only the common scales are listed (All scales are still considered).

I have been very busy since my last news article in September, I have been rushed off my feet during the run-up to Christmas. But it has all been good fun, I’ve been able to work on many scales and different outlines including US outline. The last three months have truly reminded me of why I wanted to start this business in the first place; because I love the challenge and the various models I have the opportunity to work on.

Whilst I have been undertaking the upgrades to the website I have also had the opportunity to update the photo gallery and upload some new videos to YouTube of some conversions over the last three months. I was too busy to be able to do this before, but had the opportunity to undertake all of these updates over the Christmas period.

Of late I have come to realize that my workshop is now becoming too cramped, what with the weathering service becoming quite busy and milling all those N gauge chassis’. I plan to extend the workshop shed during this year to give me some much needed space, and will also take this opportunity to provide enough space to build my demonstration layout.

Anyway I hope you have all had a great Christmas with your families, friends, and other people around you. May I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year! I will be celebrating the arrival of my birthday on NYE at midnight ;). Lets see what 2017 brings…

Mark Johns