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Lenz Standard DCC decoder

This week I have received my stock of Lenz Standard decoders with a wired 8-pin NEM652 plug on a loom, and they are now available to purchase through the web shop. These decoders are excellent quality and are priced reasonably too. The decoder is single sided making mounting easy with the included double sided adhesive foam pad, and are ideally suited to OO/HO models.

With a rated constant current draw of 1 Amp, and a maximum draw of 1.8 Amp, this decoder is suitable for most OO/HO scale models.

Some more noteworthy specifications:

  • 4 function outputs rated at 150 mA each
  • Super smooth and high frequency back-EMF motor control
  • Shunting speed on F3
  • Motor and function outputs have overload protection
  • ABC braking
  • RailCom
  • Size: L 25mm, W 15mm, H 3.8mm
  • Price: £20.75
  • Mark Johns