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Mark’s Trains is pleased to announce that we are now an authorised Lenz dealership, with a new range of decoders now stocked and available to purchase from the online shop.

The range currently in stock consists of the Silver Mini direct 6 pin, direct 8 pin, direct 21 pin and the wires only version. We are also awaiting receipt of the Silver Standard with a wired 8 pin plug which are currently on back order, once these have been delivered they will be available from the online shop. There are also plans to expand upon the Lenz range by stocking the Gold series of decoders over the next month or so. The gold series has the capability to install a stay-alive capacitor, whilst the Silver series does not have this capability.

The Lenz range of decoders are of high quality and feature super smooth motor control whether at low speed shunting, accelerating or decelerating. The decoders are fully compliant with NMRA DCC best practices and NEM standards (Normative of European Model Railways). Lenz decoders fully support long addressing (with a maximum address of 9999), DC operation, RailCom feedback, Loco consisting and include a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Silver series support the Lenz Automatic Braking Control system (ABC), the Silver Mini series also incorporate solder pads for SUSI allowing the connection of sound modules. The Gold series include the same features as the Silver series, in addition to extra solder pads to allow the connection of stay-alive capacitors.

Mark’s Trains can now offer a wider choice of excellent high quality decoders within the shop, and also for DCC conversions.

Mark Johns