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The new year so far has seen plenty of work coming through the door keeping me rather busy, which is great news for business, as it looks like it is going to be another great year. There is also a fair bit going on behind the scenes which is being kept under wraps until such a time when I’m in a position to make an announcement, so stay tuned…

I have recently completed some conversions for a customer on the other side of the pond – so to speak – in Canada. The customer is modelling British outline, which is an encouraging sign that British outline is still being embraced far and wide. Whilst on the theme of all things continental/international, I have also been undertaking a lot more conversions and commission work on international outlines – mostly from the United States. I really enjoy the variety of models that I get the opportunity to work on.

Anyway to keep this update short, enjoy this video of a HO scale Baldwin VO-1000 sound conversion which has been posted to my YouTube channel. Check out my video gallery for other recent videos uploaded tonight.

Mark Johns