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Winkleigh T&RSMD

This page is for my N gauge layout that is currently in the design stage. It will be based on a fictional location set in the west country village of Winkleigh, with a new maintenance facility being built as part of the electrification project on the Great Western Main Line in the heart of Devon. The fairly new build facility will be owned and operated by Network Rail, with facilities shared with FastLine; who will be out-based at the depot. FastLine will be using sidings in the yard to stable on track plant/machines, and use Network Rail’s facilities for servicing and repairs. The busy depot will see visiting locomotives and multiple units that operate on the nearby branch and main lines come in for servicing and repairs. Winkleigh T&RSMD will also see unusual moves as equipment and materials are delivered for the electrification project. The maintenance shed will also house an operations centre and offices, to keep track of the electrification project and maintenance of trains. Winkleigh T&RSMD will bring around 100 skilled jobs to the area, helping to boost the local economy.


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