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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

Due to the ever changing corona-virus situation, Mark’s Trains is introducing some necessary changes to the way we operate – so that we can continue to operate safely for all concerned.

We are still open and working normally where possible, although there may be some delays owing to possible supply chain issues, or illness meaning we have to temporarily close and self-isolate.

To meet the latest COVID-Secure regulations, all staff and visitors will be required to wear a face mask or covering within inside public spaces.

We now have an NHS ‘Track and Trace’ poster with a QR code registered to Mark’s Trains, this is located outside our door which you will now need to scan to check-in using the ‘NHS COVID-19’ app* when visiting. This is an effective means of recording visitors on an anonymous basis, should anyone need to be alerted of a possible case.

*More information on the NHS COVID-19 app, and links to where you can download it on to your mobile phone can be found below.

New Product
ModelTech ProTrack Rail Aligner

Laying track over baseboard joints is often quite challenging, even if the baseboard is aligned with dowels, perfect track alignment can be a time consuming process.

However, thanks to ModelTech’s new ProTrack Rail Aligner kit, perfect alignment and smooth running can be achieved in very little time.

The unique interlocking ends guide the rails into position, allowing for a perfect track alignment every time. Through holes are provided so that dropper wires can be soldered in to place, along with pre-drilled holes for track pins.

So how does it work?

Simply remove the last three sleepers from your track ends at your baseboard joint, and slide the Rail Aligner underneath the rails. Ensure the rails are in correct alignment and solder in place. Secure the Rail Aligner’s in place with track pins. It’s that simple!

The Rail Aligner kits are available in the following scales; 009, N, OO/HO, OO Bullhead, O-16.5 & O.

Mark’s Trains is proud to be an official stockist. All scales are stocked and available to purchase online.

Stuck for a Christmas gift??
Why not order a personalised wall clock

Steam Clock
Clock Sample

A personalised wall clock would look great in any room, especially a train room.

Mark’s Trains has teamed up with a couple local businesses, as part of our own strategy to support small and local business during these testing times.

We came up with the concept of personalised wall clocks during the national lockdown. These wall clocks have a super smooth constant motion that is so quiet you can’t even hear it tick.

To order simply upload your image on the product page (button below), your clock face image is then printed directly on to vinyl and gloss laminated to ensure it lasts the test of time – no pun intended! The clock face is then applied to a laser cut MDF disc using an alignment jig to ensure accurate placement, before fitting the motion and hands.

When we first launched this product back in July, we offered customers a discount for the first batch whilst stocks lasted. We soon sold out of our first batch, and they have proven to be very popular.

So we have decided to reinstate this offer on the run-up to Christmas, reducing the original price of £16.99 down to £14.99. This offer will be valid right up until Christmas Eve (subject to Royal Mail’s last posting dates).

Order your personalised wall clock today. Placing an order will help support three local businesses including ourselves.

Soundscape with RealDrive

New soundscapes

We have been busy during the last few months developing some new soundscapes to expand our collection.

The following soundscapes will soon be available to load on to our sound decoders;

Alpine Mix: Alpine cow bells and yodelling.

Church Service: A countryside church joyously ring their bells after a wedding service.

Country Church: Church bells toll in the distance, set in a quiet countryside village with a small stream nearby and birds singing along with the bells.

Country Farm: A very busy farm with noisy livestock and a tractor passing by in the early morning as the farmer heads to the fields for a days work.

Inner City: Inner city life, the sound of sirens, heavy traffic, and the police helicopter.

Stormy Night: A stormy windy night at a coastal caravan site, with a fallen tree.

Sea Breeze: An improvement to the older Seascape, more coastal winds and seagulls. This soundscape will offer an alternative to the existing seascape, both still being available.

Wetlands: Listen to the wildlife at a local wetland area.

Samples will be available to listen on our website soon, once the website has been updated to include these new soundscapes. Keep an eye on our social media channels for a post updating you when this change has taken place.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued business and support over the last four years, we have seen the business grow stronger year after year. This has only been possible with the great customers that we have, so thanks to every one of you!

Before we sign off, we’d like to wish you all the very best. If you are self-isolating or practicing social distancing; make a brew or grab a beer and operate your layouts. But most of all stay safe and strong..


Mark & the team at Mark’s Trains.

Mark Johns