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Mark’s Trains is an authorised Lenz dealer, a range of decoders are available from the Shop

Professional chassis milling undertaken during conversions

Bespoke commissions: Class 73 sound conversion, lights and weathering

Mark’s Trains is an authorised Zimo dealer, a range of decoders are available from the Shop

Weathering, renumbering, naming and full buffer beam detailing available here

Royal Mail nationwide postage on all orders and conversions

Tidy, professional and high quality conversions undertaken to the highest standards

Large scale specialist in conversions and repairs

Class 20 heavy weathering: Various levels of weathering can be undertaken

Welcome to Mark’s Trains

The home of bespoke DCC and sound conversions in all scales, servicing and repairs including electrical repairs.


DCC Conversions

DCC Conversions

Digital Command and Control (DCC) brings a whole new level to the control of trains on a layout, including better low speed running and realistic operation. Many trains can share the same section of track and each train can be controlled separately in any direction and speed. Lights stay illuminated at a constant brightness even when the train is sat idle, and can be controlled individually. DCC brings many improvements to a layout, which is why it is becoming so popular in this hobby.

Sound Conversions

Sound Conversions

DCC Sound provides an ultimate level of realism to the control of trains on a layout, including better low speed running and realistic operation with real sounds. Sounds are independently controlled and callable via mapped function keys on a DCC controller. Sounds generally include engine start & shutdown, engine running sounds (integrated with train speed), various horns/whistles, train announcements, brake sounds, track and flange squeal, and coupling sounds among many others.

Cab & Interior Detailing

Cab & Interior Detailing

Cab and interior detailing can add a further element of realism to your models and can be undertaken as part of a conversion or on it’s own. Cab lighting can be installed with train crew on diesel locomotives and multiple units, and steam locomotives can be fitted with a flickering firebox with driver and second-man/fireman. Interior lighting and the placement of passengers inside multiple units and coaching stock can also be undertaken with this bespoke interior detailing service to your exacting requirements.

Directional & Prototypical Lighting

Directional & Prototypical Lighting

With some of the earlier generation models not having working directional lights, DCC conversion may initially be thought of as a wasted exercise. However, Mark’s Trains can provide a bespoke service to install directional lighting to your prized stock, giving them a new lease of life in the digital world once converted to DCC. If space and decoder functions are available prototypical lighting can also be installed, including independently controlled head and tail lights at both cab ends. Shunting & yard modes can also be configured, and cab lights configured to switch off as soon as the locomotive starts to pull away. Other lighting modes can also be implemented, such as hazard warning lights.

Weathering Service


Mark’s Trains is now in a position to undertake full bespoke commissions to convert your locomotive or multiple unit to DCC/DCC Sound along with other extras (as listed on this page) and also provide weathering to produce an outstanding completed model that looks and sounds as close to realistic as the real thing. I can also renumber, name and add full buffer beam detail if required at extra cost. Have a look through my weathering portfolio to see some great examples of weathering previously undertaken.

Servicing & Repairs

Servicing and Repairs

Servicing helps to improve the running performance, reliability and longevity of your models. Poor maintenance can lead to many problems over time. Periodic light lubrication is recommended for almost every model, however over long periods, problems start to occur such as poor reliability and performance due to the build up of dirt attracted by oil, poor electrical conductivity of pick-ups, and split gears. For DCC and Sound converted models these issues are more pronounced, therefore maintenance is essential. General mechanical and electrical repairs can also be undertaken, subject to the availability of parts.

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